The Conference on Animal Rights in Europe (CARE) is an international conference aimed at connecting and inspiring animal rights groups across Europe. Through workshops and networking opportunities, all groups can come together and empower each other to establish the best possible directions for the animal rights movement to take.

The conference is a chance to meet and grow with organizations and individuals, both new and established ones. By supporting its members through discussion and debate, the animal rights movement can evolve, strengthen, and solidify. While the movement may be made up of individuals, we believe that coming together to meet minds, exchange ideas, and share strategies reinforces the cause as a whole.

This forum is open to those within and outside the animal rights movement. This is an extremely critical time for our undertakings – as the growing inhumane industry sweeps across Europe, more action and education are necessary. Animals are not the only ones who benefit from them – humans and the environment do, too. We encourage powerful activists and participants from all areas of expertise to join the event.

This year’s conference is organized by Otwarte Klatki and will take place in Warsaw, Poland, August 16th -18th, at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw

Otwarte Klatki is a non-profit organization founded to promote active and effective animal protection. Otwarte Klatki was established in Poland in 2012 as part of an international initiative to change the world for animals.

We are also a member of Anima International, a new coalition of European animal protection organisations focusing on farmed animals.

We operate in Poland, Great Britain, Russia, Estonia, Denmark and in Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus. We believe that changing the situation of animals is possible. We are seeking better protection for animals locked on farms, as well as for the consumers’ right to full knowledge of their living conditions

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CARE conference will take place at Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw  Lipowa 4 street, Warsaw  located near the University Library and Copernicus Center.



To become a sponsor, please download the sponsorship contract or contact us directly: care@otwarteklatki.pl.

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