Abigail Penny & Michelle Baxter Wickham

Room A


About the Speakers

Abigail Penny https://www.careconf.eu/dorte-rohl/

Michelle Baxter Wickham https://www.careconf.eu/michelle-baxter-wickham/

About the presentation

A chicken’s tale: Evoking empathy through story-telling

Abstract: Chickens used for meat are one of the most exploited land species alive today. But why is this? What do they endure? And why, given the scale and severity of their suffering, are people so disconnected from their plight? By combining psychological theory, experience within the animal protection movement and real-life examples of rescued chickens, Abigail and Michelle will show how intelligent, friendly and sensitive these animals are, what living with them looks like and how we can use our collective power to protect them.

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