Adolfo Sansolini

Consultant, GAIA
Adolfo Sansolini has been active in animal rights and welfare since he was a teenager, and is now a highly respected figure and expert advisor in this field. He has successfully led campaigns at the national and international level, chaired high-profile meetings and conferences, and coordinated international coalitions around the world. He also has more than twenty years’ journalistic experience.

In 1999, in anticipation of a negative vote on the phase-out of the battery cages for laying hens, Adolfo undertook a hunger and thirst strike to urge the Italian government to keep its commitment to support this historic change. This action led to a correction of the government’s position, which led to the approval of Directive 1999/74/EC.

Through his present activities on behalf of GAIA, he has managed to put the issue of force-feeding in foie gras production on the political agenda of several EU institutions, and he is now coordinating GAIA’s activities promoting the appointment of national Ministers for Animal Welfare and a European Commissioner for Animal Welfare.

Adolfo’s interests encompass the rights of all living beings and the protection of the environment, and he continues to be involved in initiatives for human rights.

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