Alexa Gnauck

Alexa Gnauck (Germany)
international coordinator of the ProVeg School Programme and working on building the Early Intervention Network – a global alliance of activists reaching out to the younger generation.

After watching a pig being led into the butcher shop in her hometown she decided to go vegetarian with 3 years. Against all odds – family, friends, kindergarten carers, doctors – she followed her moral compass. This integrity that children and adolescents are capable of and their deeply rooted connection to animals is what fascinates her.

Taking that fascination into her activism, she worked on the educational outreach programme of Greenpeace for a year. Seeking a stronger animal-rights focus, the journey took her to a project called Plant-Powered Pupils. After 6-months of organising plant-based cooking workshops in schools she is now coordinating the international ProVeg School Programme.

This programme focuses on creating a veg-friendly environment for children to grow up in by expanding the offer of plant-based options in schools. Her work includes a deep analyzation of how different countries operate, different approaches to go with and how to best reach out to all stakeholders. Additionally, she’s building the Early Intervention Network as a global platform to support the movement.

Alexa will present different strategies on reaching out to the next generation of decision makers – it is possible to create better world by education process.

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