Alicja Jelenska

After moving to the Netherlands for her Bachelor studies, Alicja noticed that there was no vegan student association in the city. In fact, there was no such student association in the whole of the Netherlands. That’s why Alicja decided to start the Vegan Student Association Groningen in 2018 and envisioned a national and later international network of vegan students. A year later, 5 VSAs have already been established with their help and they started working on VSA Netherlands, a network of associations with the purpose of exchanging ideas and resources, as well as helping new VSAs start up. In 2021 they aim to create an international vegan student movement with the same purpose by helping students around the world start a vegan student association in their cities. In the talk Alicja and Oskar will talk about what the value of starting a vegan student association is and how you can start one!

I’m the founder and president of VSA Groningen, the first vegan student association in the Netherlands. I’m studying International and European Law and will be doing a minor in Entrepreneurship next year. I’ve been active in the animal rights movement since 2015 and volunteered for 5 animal protection organizations before.

About the presentation

Why and how should you start a Vegan Student Association?

Abstract: This talk will be dedicated to presenting and explaining the value of starting a Vegan Student Association and how to do this. Since 2018 students have been starting such associations around the Netherlands aiming to build a supportive community of vegan(-minded) students who would increase awareness about animal agriculture and its impact on the environment in their universities as well as create a facilitating environment with the purpose of making veganism easier, more enjoyable and affordable. In 2019 they have recognized the significance of sharing ideas and resources as well as helping other cities start vegan student associations. This is why the VSA Netherlands network has been established. Today the students would like to bring the idea to global attention and inspire students in other countries to start similar initiatives!

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