Andreas Setzer

Andreas Setzer is a founder and head of (Ziel.gerecht) – a consulting company exclusively focussed on providing consultancy services to non-profit organizations.
The portfolio includes the following main areas:
– transformational change initiatives
– strategy consulting
– process (re-)design
– organizational development
– leadership & culture
– 360° feedback & coaching
– employee surveys

Combining 20+ years experience in the corporate world but also being deeply rooted in the non-profit world and having (co-)founded several initiatives, he has a unique perspective and mission to support non-profit organizations in becoming more effective to make the best use of the limited ressources they have.

About the presentation 

When the external crisis vehemently exposes the internal crisis

Abstract: The COVID-19 crisis caught many organizations unprepared and has suddenly challenged many previously accepted principles.
Employees and managers have to reorganize themselves in a 100% remote work environment.
Deficient processes now reveal their weaknesses even more clearly.
Due to the physical separation, communication and cooperation is more difficult for many people than before.

And yet there are still great opportunities in the crisis! When, if not now, is it time to shake up outdated or old fashioned ideas about organizational structures and processes?
And more than ever before, the importance of culture and leadership is now becoming clear.

In this talk we will discuss why change is not bad or must hurt and why NOW is the ideal time for your organization to ask uncomfortable questions. Not to be paralyzed by the situation but to shape the change!

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