Anita Euschen

Anita is an earthmuffin, a herbivore, an unf*ckwithable peace, social and animal rights activist who started her animal rights activism at age 12 (mid 80s). Her work and activism include EU lobbying, corporate campaigning, grassroot activism/ street actions/ direct action.

She has been a voluntary board member of Animal Friends Croatia since 2006, and works with the Croatian animal rights group Pobjede (Croatian for Victories) as campaign coordinator as a member of the Open Wing Alliance. Anita also is an organiser for the Save Movement and DxE in Croatia, and stepped down as Anonymous for the Voiceless organiser, because there simply is not enough time in the world to act for animals. The AR group behind all this which she founded with her friends is growing rapidly this year, collaborating with the other AR groups in the country and region and having a positive impact on the growth and strength of the animal rights movement in Croatia.

Working 24/7 and having been in the movement most of her live, she has seen the human factor impacting the valuable work of activists and thus tries to make activists aware of their limits, believing that once you know those you can re-organise your work can grow and become stronger and more powerful than ever.