Anna Fadeeva and Timofei Dubrovskikh

Anna Fadeeva

Russian activist, director of the local non-profit organisation, creator of city public events on different social issues. Anna started being active in animal rights in 2008. 2010-2012 with the collective organised the first vegan store in Perm, Russia as the educational and supporting center for vegetarians, vegans and people who care. After closing the shop, since 2015 she is the co-organiser of “Perm Love to Animals Month” – big animal rights festival in Perm every November, ‘I am Alive” eco-vegan fair, educational campaign at great fasting time in Russia.

Timofei Dubrovskikh

Russian activist, member of the Birds collective, VR-creator. Since 2010 Timofey is active in animal rights movement. With the collective, he has opened a vegan shop/store, organised many offline events and media. In 2017-2018 the collective created websites and