Anna Kozłowska

Room C


Sport Campaign Specialist at Open Cages, Poland. Anna joined Open Cages as a volunteer in 2014, and has worked on a variety of projects, including the sport campaign, Jasna Strona Mocy. The initiative challenges stereotypes surrounding plant-based diets in sports and collaborates with accomplished competition athletes to reach a large and diverse audience of sport enthusiasts. As an sport amateur herself, Anna is passionate about seeing more and more athletes opening up to plant-based diets.

About the presentation

Using sport to win over meat-eaters

Abstract: Animal welfare and animal rights are the foundation of animal advocacy. The benefits of plant-based diets for animals and the environment are crucial. Ethics is important. However, there is a potentially large and influential audience that these traditional messages, as valid as they are, may not get through to.
When it comes to those who are not necessarily interested in the ethical aspects of plant-based diets, sport may prove a powerful medium. Anna will discuss some of the ways athletes can prove helpful in popularizing plant-based diets among these particularly challenging audiences.

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