Anna Stief

Anna has a background in natural sciences and joined Albert Schweitzer Foundation’s German corporate outreach team in 2016. She heads the German rankings aiming to improve plant-based assortments and animal welfare standards and is project lead for the international retail ranking tool.

About the presentation

The Vegan Retail Ranking Tool – Everything you need to know to start your first supermarket ranking

Retail chains (many of them globally active) are large companies with huge revenues. By improving their vegan portfolio, consumption of animal products can be reduced. For effectively moving retailers towards a better plant-based assortment, public comparison with their competitors through a ranking is a mighty lever.

To enable international analysis of retailers and share best practices, the Albert Schweitzer Foundation has created an online framework for data collection and analysis. Our web tool is accompanied by a growing list of best practices from contributing organizations − including tips on project management, motivating volunteers, successful publication, and productive exchange with retailers.

The tool is free to use and all rankings performed within the tool will contribute to a growing data set of insights into international retail assortments.

The talk will give a quick overview of the international ranking tool, show rankings that have already been published, and answer questions to get you started on this international collaborative project.

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