Anna Stief


Anna Stief joined Albert Schweitzer Foundation’s corporate outreach team in 2016 with a year of voluntary service. Thanks to funding from the Open Philanthropy Project, she was able to stay in a full-time position as a researcher. Anna is involved in ASF’s work with the Open Wing Alliance, the European Chicken Commitment and various other projects, ranging from animal welfare in supermarket policies to vegan rankings. Her degree in Biology and her research experience provide her with the data-loving tenacity that fuels successful corporate outreach.

At CARE 2018 in Prague, she will introduce the Vegan Ranking of Retailers which ASF is currently conducting for the third time. ASF is in the process of adapting all resources for easy use by other NGOs in an international context. If you are interested in performing a retail ranking, Anna’s talk will give you a first overview and she is happy to answer further questions afterwards.