Battling the power of animal industries. Beyond vegan outreach, the SAVE movement and the cube of truth


  • 14th October
    12:00 - 12:45

Big corporations become ever more politically influential. They pressure governments to change laws so that they can make profit. They own commercial media so that they influence public opinion. They spend 500 billion Euro per year to advertise increased consumption. And the state uses ever more surveillance, intrusion in the private sphere and repressive laws to criminalise discontent and frighten people out of confrontational activism. Austria as an example: there are new laws against the filming of animal abuse, against initiatives stopping new factory farms, against free speech and the right to assemble, and for the automatic registration of the number plates of every car on every motorway to curb protest and ar activity. But history shows that there is power in mass movements. It is still time to stop this development by confronting animal industries and forcing them to put animals before profits. There is no progress without a struggle, though.