Benny Andersson

Benny Andersson has been involved in the animal rights movement since the late 1990’s. In 2000 he left a future career in the bank sector to become a grassroots coordinator at Djurens Rätt, the leading animal rights organization in Sweden. After a decade working with public and corporate campaigns, vegan outreach, digital communication and fundraising he became the Executive Director of Djurens Rätt in 2010.

Based in Gothenburg, the world capital of melodic death metal, he has been one of the driving forces to get Djurens Rätt, founded in 1882, aligned with the new millenium. Being early adopters in using Social Media channels to reach out and make a difference for animals, Benny and his team have put Djurens Rätt on the national Social Media map in Sweden being ranked as the 6th most powerful player on Facebook all categories. Impactdriven and with a steady growth of supporters, Djurens Rätt has taken animal rights more into the mainstream.

He will talk about what can happen when our opponents use our own tactics against us – digital mobilization – and that it’s probably not a question of ”if” rather ”when” it will happen in other countries.

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