Cezary Wyszyński

My bio is tightly connected with the organisation which I`ve been running since 2004 – Fundacja Międzynarodowy Ruch na Rzecz Zwierząt – Viva!. It`s a Polish organization founded by Juliet Gellatley which deals with a whole variety of issues like factory farming, animals used in circuses, live transport, fur farming, fish farming, animal-based research, promoting veganism and popularizing rehoming and neutering of stray animals. Viva also runs big animal sanctuary (in Korabiewice) with over 300 animals: dogs, foxes, pigs, horses, cows, sheep, cats, goats, hens, ducks. It`s not only a place where we rescue animals but also where we educate youth and promote treating animals equally, no matter what species they are.

Nationwide we also work by means of 500 volunteers concentrated in 50 local groups which organize local events promoting animal rights, and they rehome over 2000 animals per year. We lobby, campaign, carry out investigations and rescue abused animals.

Also, we publish VEGE – a monthly magazine which is available at newspaper outlets and via subscription. It covers interviews with vegetarian and vegan celebrities, recipes, dietitians advice, vegan travels, etc.