Fundraising For Animals Is Fun

Hana Platková, Vendula Brabcová and Adéla Kluchová

  • 12th October
    10:00 - 10:45

Fundraising is F-U-N. If you don’t believe this statement, come to our talk! You will be presented with a simple fundraising framework to support and fortify all your campaigning activities. We made it work in our organization and we saw these ideas working in various others. There will be a tattoo auction case study and there will be an actual telefundraising follow-up with examples. You will see how (and why!) to get donations from participants, action takers and activists. The hope is that with this framework you will be able to make a lot of people around your organization happy while learning how to get both immediate income and long term, regular donors. If you listen very carefully, you may even lose the fear of asking people to support your cause!