Laying the foundations for successful campaigns

Andrzej Pazgan

  • 14th October
    10:50 - 11:35

In recent years unprecedented successes are to be observed across Europe: major advancements in animal welfare legislation (e.g. fur farming bans) and huge successes in working with companies as well as further mainstreaming plant-based foods are just a few to be named. This development was accompanied by the emergence of a number of new organizations, predominantly in Eastern and Central Europe. At the same there are still numerous countries with limited animal advocacy structures whatsoever, which poses a major obstacle for running successful interventions. In my opinion established animal advocacy groups should take an interest in fostering the development of these structures and make this process as efficient as possible.

In my presentation I will talk about some strategies and programs that have already been established by several organizations as well as show how sharing resources and knowledge may benefit the whole movement.