Money talks, let it speak for animals! How financial institutions could use their leverage to improve the lives of animals

Dirk Verdonk

  • 13th October
    12:50 - 13:35

Banks, insurers and pension funds invest in meat producers, pharmaceutical companies, fashion brands, supermarkets, fast food restaurants et cetera. In short, they invest in animal suffering, all around the world. But this does not need to be the case: if financial institutions would be responsible, they would use their leverage to improve the welfare of animals and to turn away from certain types of animal exploitation. Can this be achieved? At least to some degree. After all, it is your money – the money on your savings account, the insurance premium you pay, the money that is set aside for your pension.

In my presentation, I will explore the concept of responsible business conduct for financial institutions and what this could mean for animals. To illustrate this, I will showcase a 2018 World Animal Protection campaign focussed on Dutch banks and its first concrete results.