Practical tips for vegan outreach

Tereza Vandrovcová

  • 14. října
    12:50 - 13:35

Face to face activism is becoming a quite common way how to spread the message about unnecessary animal suffering in agricultural industries and about veganism as a more compassionate and sustainable way of living.

People who are new in the movement sometimes assume that everybody will become vegan once he or she learns more about it. The problem is that people in general do not like changing their mind and that human brain is very effective in blocking certain information especially if it contradicts with one’s behavior or deeply held beliefs.

Luckily there are ways how to help people think critically about problems and paradoxes of our current relationship with nonhuman animals and help them change their consumer behavior.

Tereza will share her knowledge from various sources ranging from psychological and sociological research, workshops of CEVA (Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy), to her own experiences of activism in various forms (marches, food samplings, virtual reality iAnimal, Cube of Truth, Save vigils etc.).

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