The middle way for vegans – balancing your lifestyle as activist and caring for our fellows

Anita Euschen

  • 12th October
    12:00 - 12:45

We live high-stress life-styles, see shocking pictures and scenes most of the time, face brutality on all levels, towards animals but also towards ourselves. We receive very little understanding from the people around us, mostly only from fellow activists. We are all prone to burn-out and PTSD! And we must take CARE of each other!

Mostly if you close into a burnout, even fellow activists might turn away, because you become too-much for them and they do not know how to handle you.

But we have a responsibility towards our fellow activists, we are a family, a tribe, we must stick together.

Learn more about burnout. Are you prone to burnout? What are early signs and how to prevent it?

How to act when you see someone else spiraling into a burnout?

Your team/family/tribe is your everything. Let us learn to look after each other, so we will be able to become really old in this amazing animal rights movement that is going to change the world.