Vegan Ranking of Retailers: A mighty tool for improving vegan retail


  • 14th October
    12:50 - 13:35

For the third time, the Albert Schweitzer Foundation is conducting a Vegan Ranking of German Retailers (to be published in early 2019). Since we first analyzed and ranked supermarkets and discounters in 2015, a lot has changed with respect to consumer perception and demand as well as supply of vegan products.

We value the Vegan Ranking as a great lever for ongoing dialogue with retailers on their vegan range. We find the companies to be sensitive to rankings in general as they highlight competition, and are very interested in keeping or improving their last rating. As a consequence of our longstanding work on this topic, retailers regularly ask for advice on improving their existing (or non-existing) vegan range.

We have tuned our tools and resources as well as our project management over the years to adapt them to the changing market and have included our learnings. To foster international action on improving vegan retail worldwide, we are now in the process of adapting our resources for easy use by other NGOs in an international context.

In my talk I will give a quick overview over our Vegan Rankings since 2015 and how we have seen them positively influence our work with German retailers. I will then focus on our learnings and share our ideas on the internationalization of our tools. Ideally, I will hold a separate Q & A session after my talk where questions can be discussed in greater detail.

Please feel free to approach me during the conference if you’re interested in using our tools! I will compile a list with everyone who is interested.