Why we should protect free ranging wolves

Martin Balluch

  • 13th October
    12:50 - 13:35

Wolves are coming back into all countries of Europe. In those places, where wolves have been missing for the last 150 years, animal agriculture and especially the hunting fraternity deliberately create a media frenzy of the danger of wolves and the suffering of their victims. Most animal groups do not seem to see that as one of their primary issues, some are even opposed to free ranging wolves from a utilitarian perspective. The latter argue that free ranging wolves mean more suffering for wildlife overall, and of that they need to be protected. But carnivores too have a right to autonomy, even if that contradicts the minimising of suffering. But there is more to that story. Looking at functioning ecosystems, it becomes clear that they fare the better, the less there is human intervention. human wildlife management is not just the opposite of autonomy, it is also the by far most cruel way of maintaining wildlife. In wilderness, most animals are happy most of the time. In human society, most animals suffer dreadfully most of the time. Animal rights and welfare groups should strongly support initiatives to protect free ranging wolves!