Edie Bowles

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Edie is a solicitor specialising in animal protection law. She has advised many animal protection organisations and individuals on a wide range of issues, including all aspects of the Animal Welfare Act and regulations made under it, the Zoo Licensing Act, Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act and more. She is a trustee of The Humane League and the UK Centre for Animal Law, where she set up and managed the student group. She often speaks on animal protection issues and has done so in the UK Parliament, the French Senat and the East African Legislative Assembly.

About the presentation

Using The Law Creatively to Help Animals

Abstract: Advocates for Animals is the first UK law firm dedicated to animal protection. Its mission is to help animals by holding to account not only people who break the law but also governments and other bodies charged with enforcing it.

This talk will explore the legal tools and strategies available to ensure that the laws that are in force to protect animals are upheld and their legal protections increased wherever possible. The talk will also look at the benefits of establishing animal law as a professional area, namely that animals can start to get their legal protections taken seriously as would be the case for any area that affected humans.

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