Effective activism 101 – How to make an impact

Björg Kristjánsdóttir

  • 17 th August
    10:50 - 11:35

During my 5 years as an animal rights activist I have met so many vegans who want to get into animal rights activism but are scared to get started. Some feel like they don’t know everything there is to know about animal agriculture and are scared they will get asked questions that they might not know the answer to.

The good news is that being an animal advocate is more about being a good conversationalist and less about knowing all the facts and luckily this is something that you can practice and get better at!

In this talk I will provide an introduction on effective communication for vegan activists. The talk is for anyone who wants to get started with animal rights activism or for long-term activists who need some brushing up on their techniques.

After all being an advocate is a learning process and we as activists should always seek to improve our communication skills.

The information provided in this talk is thought to be used in a street activism setting. This might be in relation to a food sampling event or a “paid-per-view” event, where you show people a video on the animals’ conditions in factory farming.

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