Effective Animal Advocacy: How Science and Data Can Make Your Work More Impactful

Leah Edgerton

  • 17 th August
    15:00 - 15:45

Animal suffering is a growing and underfunded phenomenon that occurs around the world in a vast number of different ways. Considering the magnitude and variety of animal suffering, advocates need a focused and efficient approach in order to make progress. In my presentation, I will familiarize attendants with the evidence-based concept of effective altruism, illustrate how the framework applies to effective animal advocacy, and introduce them to the work of Animal Charity Evaluators, an organization that specializes in helping animal advocates to be more effective in their work.

During the first part of the presentation, I will define the three criteria that characterize the effective altruism framework and explain why Animal Charity Evaluators currently focuses on the area of farmed animal suffering. In the second part of the presentation, I will share ACE’s charity evaluation process and present the animal charities we currently recommend to donors who want to help animals effectively. I will also talk about the ongoing research we conduct to provide animal advocates with evidence to support their work, such as our intervention research. Then, I will familiarize attendants with our Animal Animal Research Fund (AARF) and our Effective Animal Advocacy Fund (EAAF) and detail how they can apply for funding for their organizations and projects. Finally, I will open the floor for questions and thoughts about how effective animal advocacy can be applied individually, and about what concrete actions can be taken to be more effective within a certain local context.

ACE is the only organization worldwide that independently evaluates both animal charities and animal advocacy interventions based on their cost-effectiveness. After my talk, attendants will be able to apply the effective altruism framework to their work. They will also be familiar with the resources that ACE offers to help them individually deepen their impact as animal advocates.

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