Effective Communication: How a simple office desk move showed me the complexity of the human mind

Penny Abigail

  • 18 th August
    10:50 - 11:35

Experienced in successfully handling sensitive and difficult conversations, it took me by surprise when a seemingly trivial suggestion to our team caused emotions to run high: an office desk move!

Did colleagues care so much for their desks? Why this strong reaction? Humans all need – and deserve – a sense of belonging, community and connection. They want to understand the decision-making processes that affect them and to have a sense of autonomy over their work. This desk move signified so much more than a shift in physical space; it was a shift of control, choice and autonomy. Unexpected changes like this can disrupt the system and decrease employee satisfaction levels significantly.

In this talk, I’ll offer practical advice and actionable tips on how to communicate effectively in a range of situations. I’ll touch on how best to empower your staff, share knowledge and best practice, strive to create a genuinely diverse and inclusive organisation, manage large-scale projects, hold efficient team meetings, support good mental health in the workplace, oversee supplier relationships, work collaboratively, offer and receive constructive criticism, and more. 

Open, thought-through and authentic communication can go a long way towards improving employee morale, boosting productivity and enhancing creativity. If we are to achieve a world in which animals are protected and respected, we also need to respect the people around us. By exchanging information and working together we will inspire creativity and positivity; with improved communication, both we and animals will reap the rewards.

When: Sunday, 18 August, 2019, 10:50–11:35, Room: A.3

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