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Elisa Ferreira is a Lawyer, Animal Advocate and Speaker. She is co-founder, Vice-President and General-Director at Aliança Animal, an Organization that works within society to promote the respect for all the animals, and she is also the Director of Effective Vegan Advocacy movement in Portugal.

Elisa has been talking about Aliança Animal work and about many aspects in Animal Rights, especially among the legal community in Portugal, having taught classes on Veganism and Carnism in the Postgraduate Courses in Animal Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon. With presentations at national and international Congresses, she also talks about effective communication, having a TEDx on the same subject, applying its principles to the Animal Cause.

About the presentation

Effective communication as a fundamental tool to work within society

Abstract: The Animal Cause has been fighting on several fronts to expose the problem and now it’s time to also create solutions to reach all the audiences, making the change easier, so it becomes faster. Now, that society has shown some interest in Animals Rights, Veganism, and the Environment, doors are being opened and bridges are being created with public and private institutions, such as Municipalities, Schools, Restaurants, etc., and we can use their strength for the benefit of the animals. Knowing that Communication is the basis of all relationships, for possible cooperation, we should become masters on this art, using the principals of Effective Communication to guarantee our success. In this presentation, Elisa will explain what effective communication is and how it is a fundamental tool to work within society, demonstrating it with some examples of Aliança Animal’ Programs.

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