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Eszter Pohárnik, an animal protection activist from Hungary. Thanks to the current crisis situation in Hungary a team brought to life a movement to rise attention on animal abuse and the importance of role of the shelters and foundations who need extra support now from the government, media and society.

Eszter worked 12 years in hospitality industry and travelled to Austria, China, Mongolia, Australia etc. and finished a bachelor degree on this field of hospitality and catering industry. Her dissertation was about corporate social responsibility in the catering industry.

Half a year ago some people thought they have to do something against the animal cruelty increasing in the country and Eszter joined this group. We are at the beginning of a long journey but already have gained so many experience – positive and negative as well. With the presentation Eszter would like to represent those people who are working with abused animals, saving lives every single day. Eszter would like to present this topic from a viewpoint of non-professionals, normal people who love animals.

The first aim of this movement is to convince hungarian politicians to set up an offical animal police in Hungary.

About the presentation

Crisis in crisis

Abstract: In my presentation I would like to demonstrate:

– how the crisis in crisis has changed the lives of those who are working against animal abuse
– what were the main problems for foundations,shelters, pet owners
– how society reacted to this problems
– what solutions would be helpful
– why ÁRMO – Állatrendőrséget Magyarországnak – Animalpolice in Hungary -movement came to live

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