Fundraising skills share workshop

Stien van der Ploeg and Jiří Krupa

  • 13th October
    9:00 - 13:30

Without dough, there is no cake. And we all know it’s not a party without cake. Enough with the sweet talk, it’s a fundraising analogy. Without money, you have a weak campaign. But what’s the recipe, who do you get money from, and how? That’s what this workshop is all about!

The CARE fundraising workshop is a hands-on, practical learning and sharing opportunity for the fundraisers among us who have to ensure their organization has the resources to run effective campaigns against animal suffering.

There will be different organizations, different fundraisers, and different tactics. Together we will discuss case studies, learn how to deepen your donor relationships through storytelling, and practice key concepts.

At the end of this peer skills share session we will each have more tools, more knowledge, and more connections—so we raise more money to bring about positive change for more animals.