Gio Fumagalli

The first time I was hired I was 16, my job was proof-reading a 96 pages skateboard magazine every 2 months and I was paid in skateboarding gear.

Since then, over the last 15 years, I’ve been taking care of communications and marketing for different projects, online and offline, some of which I co-founded like the international live music community

Today I work full time as Digital Fundraising Manager at Animal Equality Italia, I keep coordinating operations at as Project Manager and work also as marketing consultant for different online businesses.

I keep my focus on strategic marketing, online marketing automation, and growth hacking.

I believe in data-driven decision making and in facing social and environmental challenges with a business-oriented approach, but most of all, I believe that means must be defined by the ends.

My talk at a CARE will be about the benefits of a marketing-oriented approach to communications and fundraising, and about what kind of weapons the non-profit niche should steal from the corporate world.

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