Jamie Spurgeon


While pursuing a Master’s degree in experimental nanophysics, Jamie Spurgeon became increasingly interested in veganism and the Animal Rights movement. After finding it difficult to know which were the best charities to support or volunteer for, he eventually discovered the Effective Altruism community. EA is a philosophy and movement that is focused on using evidence and reason to find the most effective ways of doing good in the world, and has identified ending factory farming as one of its key cause areas. Since finishing his degree, Jamie has become increasingly involved in both the AR and EA communities.

Currently works as a Research Associate for Animal Charity Evaluators, a non-profit dedicated to identifying and directing donors towards the most effective animal charities. He is closely involved in their charity evaluation process and is currently investigating ways to model the cost-effectiveness of different interventions, to help identify the most promising areas that charities can focus on, and help them to maximize their impact. He is also particularly interested in how technological and social change are related, and how we can best identify promising start-up charities.