Jan Sorgenfrei

Jan Sorgenfrei is a co-founder of Anima International, where he operates as the Director of Campaigns. Jan holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Copenhagen and has for the past 20 years been fully engaged in animal advocacy.

His current focus is on developing Anima International´s campaigns to be able to keep expanding and strengthening the animal advocacy movement into countries and regions that does not have the luxury of a long history of animal advocacy.

Campaign tactics are at their strongest as long as they are novel.

As our campaigning targets become more aware of the dynamics in a certain tactic, they become less susceptible. Long term successful campaigning therefore requires the ability to stay creative and innovative in our communication, tactics and strategies. In this talk I will focus on how leaders and campaigners can create structures in their organisation to support innovation and also present a case study on a novel campaigning strategy, developed and tested in Anima International during 2018-2019.

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