Jennifer-Justine Kirsch

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Jennifer is Fish Welfare Initiative’s Research and Project Strategist. She identifies high leverage opportunities in the fish movement by connecting fields such as sustainability, human health, and animal welfare. In the past, Jennifer has consulted Global G.A.P. on incorporating welfare in their certification standards and worked with the industry to improve fish farming conditions. Over the past year, Fish Welfare Initiative has been in discourse with farmers, industry, and animal advocacy organizations to bring fish on the agenda.

About the presentation

The Fish Advocacy Movement – current state, recent developments, and future prospects

Abstract: Fish have been known to be sentient for two decades, but farming and slaughter often still involve prolonged suffering. To date, fish is arguably the most neglected group of farmed animals within the animal advocacy movement. This presentation gives an update about the current state of the movement for fishes:

The basics: Importance, neglectedness, and tractability of fish welfare work. A discussion of fish farming systems and the scope of fish welfare work.

Aquaculture operations: We collected photographs and videos from several fish farms in European and Asian countries. Conversations with farmers and local organizations highlighted the biggest welfare challenges. A great variety of approaches can be highly effective in improving fish welfare, such as investigations, certification schemes’ influence, ballot initiatives, and governmental and corporate outreach.

The way forward: In an ongoing effort to identify potential allies, we conducted a survey to determine which organizations already work and consider working on fish. The survey also pointed out bottlenecks for effective fish advocacy work. Finding solutions to these bottlenecks is essential and will shape future fish advocacy work. We’ll close with a call to action, presenting ways in which animal rights organizations can start working to reduce fish suffering today.

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