Kirsty Henderson


As Director of Communications for Anima International, the newly created coalition of Anima and Open Cages groups, Kirsty focuses on working with the media as well as promoting internal communication and skill sharing in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Previously she headed up PETA UK’s campaigns team working across all animal protection issues in the UK and beyond, including leading exposés into factory farming in the UK and working with the press internationally. She recently created a new NGO in France, Assiettes Végétales, which aims to get a plant-based meal option in all university canteens around the country.

Originally too scared to do public speaking, Kirsty went on to represent the interests of animals in news outlets around the world including Sky News, Al Jazeera and the BBC. Because of this, she has experienced first-hand the challenges that many animal advocates face when working with the press and aims to help all advocates, but particularly other women in the movement, overcome social fears and confidence blocks to be the best campaigners they can be.

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