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Kristina Mering is the founder and president of Nähtamatud Loomad, the Estonian branch of Anima International. She is also a sociologist with the focus on human-animal relations. She has been involved in the animal rights movement for almost 15 years starting as a teenager and helping to build up the animal rights movement in Estonia. Her organization was elected as the best NGO of 2019 in the country and she received the best volunteer coordinator award from the president of Estonia the year before that. She has conducted sociological research among slaughterhouse workers and fur industry representatives and her latest project is about the social norms regarding meat eating. She enjoys long-distance running and reads at least one book per week.

About the presentation

Effective volunteer management for building a successful organization for animals

Abstract: The animal rights movement is built upon the input of thousands of volunteers all over the world fighting to make the world a better place. Still, in many organizations, turnover can be very high and volunteers leave because they are not given enough engagement or trust to use their powers in the best way to make the most effective contribution in helping animals. How can we overcome these obstacles to make sure we are making the most with the potential all the volunteers have? How can we build a sustainable culture that makes sure that volunteers will be motivated to keep on learning to help animals even more effectively? In this presentation, Kristina will introduce some of the practices from organizational management to engage volunteers and what can we learn to build strong communities of volunteers all over the world to make the biggest impact in helping animals.

PEAK PERFORMANCE – how neuroscience can help us reach our best results for the animals

Many of us might feel that sometimes it’s difficult to concentrate on an important task. How can we overcome this? In this presentation, Kristina will share what neuroscientists have defined to be peak performance and how you can actually change your ability to focus and deliver the best version of yourself when fighting for animals.

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