Lauren Mee

Room A


CEO and Co-founder of Animal Advocacy Careers, an organisation dedicated to helping individuals maximise their positive impact for animals.

AAC is currently focused on helping tackle the talent bottlenecks in effective animal advocacy with a mixture of intervention aimed at helping individuals maximise their impact. Prior to this, Lauren worked as a strategic advisor and consultant at a market research company.

Lauren is passionate about helping animals, helping others help animals and using data to make more informed decisions.

About the presentation

Effective animal advocacy careers workshop

Abstract: This workshop will introduce some key concepts involved in thinking through and planning your career so that you can maximise your impact for animals. We will discuss best practises and resources that can help guide you thinking through this in future. You will also spend a few minutes listening out your career-planning uncertainties, and then Animal Advocacy Careers will summarise and recommend several resources that might be helpful for you to address these uncertainties. In the final section of the workshop, you will join a group or a partner who will help you to make some progress on your career planning. We hope that you will leave the workshop with at least one new resource, connection, idea, or action to take that will help you use your career more effectively to help animals.

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