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Lauren Wills is the Social Media Coordinator at The Humane League UK, a leading animal protection organisation on a mission to end the abuse of animals raised for food.

Lauren is passionate about creating a more empathetic, equitable society, and believes effective communication is a fundamental but often misused tool in securing this. She began working in vegan communications in 2017 while completing her Law degree, and went on to intern with Sea Shepherd, write for LIVEKINDLY, and contribute to other orgs seeking to protect the planet and the animals.

About the presentation

Loving ‘The Haters’: The Importance of Creating Inclusive Social Media Spaces

Abstract: Social media can be a place of heated debate, and sometimes downright trolling. For vegans and animal protection advocates it can often feel like a battleground for ideologies and most effective methods for advancing animal rights and welfare.

In this session, we will explore why communicating about animal protection can be so complex, and examine what effective communication looks like for The Humane League UK. Through the lens of social media, we will draw upon our experience to discuss the individual, interpersonal, and universal benefits of bringing empathy into communications, and will consider how creating a shame-free, inclusive space online can only propel the vegan movement.

The hope is that you will be left with a new understanding of the importance of being kind, even to the ‘haters.’

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