Lesley Fleuren

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Lesley is active as an activist for about two years now. She lives in The Netherlands. She joined vigils, marches and events for “Empty the Tanks” and “World Day for the End of Fishing”. But since the end of last year she focusses on activism for fishes and other oceanlife. She reached out to several organisations to talk about activism for fishes. She also has done two presentations to raise awareness about fisheries and aquacultuur. She wants to connect with anyone who is interested in animals and nature and make them aware of life beneath the water surface. She wants to connect with activists to speak up more for fishes.

About the presentation

Speak up for fishes too

Abstract: As activists for animal rights we promote a vegan lifestyle. Of course we do this for all animals from cows to bees. But Lesley thinks we should advocate for fishes more specifically. Lesley would like to explain why and what the challenges are when you want to advocate for fishes. The biggest challenge is to make people understand that fishes are sentient individuals that are able to suffer. Without this understanding it’s not likely people will make the connection. Lesley will bring up some ideas about what actions we could do. Hopefully you will get inspired to speak up for fishes too!

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