Linn Bleckert

This year, Linn Bleckert doesn’t just celebrate her 30th birthday, but also her 10 year anniversary as an animal rights activist and vegan. When moving from the east to the west coast of Sweden in 2009, she became a member of Djurens Rätt, Sweden’s leading animal rights organization. Since then she has been volunteering with vegan outreach, digital campaigning, fundraising and as a board member of the local Djurens Rätt group in Gothenburg.

Besides being an activist at Djurens Rätt, Linn has studied climate change and documentary filmmaking, and she also got a Bachelor’s degree in media and communications. In her spare time she likes to run, write, binge watch YouTube and being outdoorsy.

Today Linn works as Djurens Rätt’s national campaigns coordinator and in her talk she will address their nationwide broiler awareness campaign. It’s called “99 miljoner”, which is the number of broiler chickens killed each year in Sweden – but after less than a year of campaigning they might have to change the name…

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