Maciej Otrębski

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Responsible for strategic partnerships within „RoślinnieJemy” business campaign. On daily basis, he cooperates with food industry entrepreneurs, provides consulting services and helps companies to understand the massive consumer intererest in plant-based products. Curator of Plant-Powered Perspectives concept and programme.

Maciej is also involved in TEDxKraków and cooperates with Change Pilots. Prior to RoślinnieJemy, he was co-creating Eataway, which is the biggest meal-sharing platform in Central Eastern Europe. He helds a master degree in Economics from Cracow’s University of Economics.

About the presentation

Becoming allies with food industry authorities – on amplifying your message through ambassadors and professionals. Case study: Polish Plant-based outreach work

Abstract: While it feels cozy seeing the world through the activist bubble , it might be that the perspective one gets is rather narrow. One might feel the we’re so close to an idyllic vegan world free of suffering. Well, we are not and the bubble does not help. When aiming for mainstream, we have to adapt to mainstream game rules.

One of the strategies when working towards reformulating a social norm is to get an authority to be the voice of change. How can we make sure that our voice (our cause) is heard and understood by those in charge of decisions – CEOs, politicians, chefs, managers? What’s more, how can we ensure that we turn authorities into our allies?

With RoślinnieJemy, the plant-based corporate outreach campaign in Poland, we have started working our way to engage with key-decision makers some time ago and nailed some wins here and there, both on the food industry specific and on national top-authority level. During my talk, we will go through some of our success cases in depth and discuss possible ways to make use of similar approach in different contexts, and search for a perfect mixture to get authorities to work with us back-to-back.

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