Maida Šabeta

Room C


Maida is a contract campaigner of PETA Germany, campaigner for Europe of Climate Save Movement and Campaigner of Fur Free Alliance, for South East Europe and founder of Animal Rights organization from Bosnia and Herzegovina – EVA(EcoVegAnimals).
Maida is an animal rights activist for over 12,5 years and vegan 12 years.
At the moment Maidan is running Food System Change campaign with Climate Save Movement, which, in long term should change agricultural world for good, but the campaign needs cooperation and partnership with as more as possible stakeholders, organizations worldwide.

About the presentation

Food System Change

Abstract: Only in Europe, over 58,1 billions of euros are received from CAP for animal agriculture in 2019. In USA, between 1995 – 2019 farms received 396,9 billions of USD. And subsidies are not the only problem. There are tax breaks, insurance revenues, corporate grants, trade deals and so much more. Being vegan is far than enough. Entire animal agricultural industry receives way much more funds from other sources than from profit. Maida would speak about sub-campaigns as well, especially about transitioning programs in cooperation with many organizations worldwide and about invitation for partnership with Climate Save Movement.

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