Marta Wrońska

I’m a psychologist, a musician, and a PhD student at University of Groningen in the Netherlands. I’m aiming for addressing the problem of animal suffering the most effectively. Although veganism is becoming increasingly popular, the number of farm animals across the world are still enormous.

That’s why we need more solutions, but not just any solutions; we should focus on the ones that are new, useful, and potentially highly influential. Novelty and usefulness means “creativity” and luckily, this is something I have studied for some years now, almost from the beginning of my psychology degree. However, scientific knowledge may be inaccessible and not directly applicable to the concrete actions and goals we want to reach.

Therefore, since I started doing my PhD, I have been looking into the ways of supporting animal advocacy movement with my knowledge on creativity and with my experiences from creativity training. I started collaborating with the Effective Altruism group in Groningen, and for several months, I have been supporting the newly formed Vegan Student Association in Groningen.

At CARE 2019, I will talk about the benefits of supporting creativity in non-profit organizations. I will explain how facilitating creativity could look like, and discuss how, as a community, we can approach the problem of animal suffering. In practice, certain barriers might keep us in the old tracks and stop us from new and more effective methods.

For example, the pressure to urgently intervene in a crisis might lead us to rigidly stick to the familiar ways of solving a problem, which might be not the most effective. Therefore, I will propose how we can overcome these barriers and CARE for animals in a clever way.

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