Martin Balluch

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Active in animal rights since January 1985 in Austria, followed by 8 years in the UK and since then running reform campaigns for the group VGT in Austria, with a number of successes, like the ban on fur farming in 1998, the ban on wild animal circuses in 2002 and the ban on battery farms in 2005. In 1999, founder of the Austrian Vegan Society, which has been running successfully ever since.

About the presentation

An election campaign for animal rights in the Austrian Parliament

Abstract: In September 2019, the Austrian Parliament was elected again. Martin Balluch ran for a seat as an MP on the topic of animal rights and climate change. While that lead to especially the topic of animal rights being talked about during the campaign in a number of TV debates, only 2 % voted for Balluchs party (4 % needed to succeed) and only about 5000 votes were devoted to him personally. While this is not very little, it does not suffice to change society via elections. Why is that so? What is needed for a change? Or do we have to acceed, that elections are not the place to change things for animals?

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