Martin Smrek

Martin Smrek started with a study of sociology and later moved to social work, focusing on marginalized groups and on how to help them fight their oppression. His focus quickly shifted towards the most oppressed group of today – the farmed animals. He started the first vegan food festival in Slovakia, which grew to 6 cities and which is now bringing the plant-based experience to tens of thousands of visitors annually.

He has lead transformation of his organization into a quickly growing effective advocacy group fighting for the animals and for a sustainable future, under a new name – Humánny pokrok (Humane progress).

He is also a dedicated bike commuter looking for sustainable urban development solutions with potential to fight the climate crisis and to build the most livable cities of all time. He also loves trains and cooking, and is incapable of doing small talk and eating yellow melons.

In his talk, he will explain, why asking people to go vegan could be the worst thing we can do, and what other lessons we can take from the bike movement.

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