Maya Cygańska

Maya Cygańska is a final year veterinary student at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and President of the Organizing Committee of the Ethical Dilemmas in Veterinary Education
Conference (EDinVE). She is passionate about inspiring veterinary students and veterinarians to advocate for animals, and she does so by creating networking opportunities such as EDinVE,  which present students with career options in animal rights and animal welfare related areas.

She held the position of President of the International Veterinary Students’ Association in Warsaw from 2015 to 2019. Maya is also keen on improving animal welfare regulations in the EU and completed an internship with the Animal and Plant Health Agency in the UK in the field of animal welfare in transport and markets. In her spare time, she enjoys petting dogs and eating pesto pasta.

During CARE, Maya will talk about the benefits of including veterinarians in the animal rights movement.

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