Meda Simanavičiūtė

Room B


Live Fish and Vegan Challenge campaigns coordinator at Tušti Narvai based in Lithuania. Prior to this Meda was working as a digital marketing specialist.

About the presentation

Are we ready to talk fish? Succeeding fish welfare changes in Lithuania

Abstract: Why two years of campaigning had not brought any results, but reaching out to biggest supermarkets in a positive manner brought the results we couldn’t even imagine to get in just half a year?
Three supermarkets made commitments to stop selling live fish from 2021. Three different stories because of the relationships we had before. Why is it important to build a long lasting partnerships with businesses instead of becoming enemies for them?
Meda has learnt that meeting companies and introducing herself is the very first step we could all take if we want to get more victories for animals in a long term (even if it’s something you want to reach for fish welfare, which is more neglected farmed animals than others). Let’s talk why.

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