Mia Muhonen and Kristoffer Nielsen

Mia Muhonen

Mia Muhonen is a campaign director for the Finnish Vegan Challenge -campaign, which attracted 12,000 participants in January 2018. She is a co-founder of the Vegan Challenge in Finland and has worked actively on the campaign since it started in 2014. She has been active in the Finnish animal rights organization Oikeutta eläimille for more than 20 years and during the years has also been part of many campaigns for animals in different countries around Europe.

Oikeutta eläimille currently focuses on the issues of factory farms and fur farming, exposing the reality of the farms by publishing investigations and trying to create a societal change in the relationship between animals and humans. The Vegan Challenge is one the main campaigns of the organization.

Kristoffer Nielsen

Kristoffer works for Dyrenes Alliance (The Animal’s Alliance) where he helped launch Denmark’s first monthly vegan challenge campaign. The challenge has now had more than 20.000 participants, among which several celebrities and even two political parties.

Kristoffer holds a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Copenhagen and has been active in the animal rights movement for more than 10 years.