Michelle Baxter Wickham

Michelle joined Animal Equality in April 2018 and works with companies to make meaningful animal protection policies, focusing on the Better Chicken Commitment. She has a wealth of experience in the NGO and government sectors, advocating for both animals and humans. She has rehomed numerous ex-commercial chickens over the last five years, and currently shares her home with Dottie (the cockerel) and Sorrel (the cat).

About the presentation

Key welfare problems of broiler chickens: Science meets passion

(Joint talk with Dörte Röhl)

Abstract: This presentation aims to provide scientific knowledge about the main animal welfare problems endured by chickens used for meat as well as reminding us of the individual animals at the heart of our work.

While veterinarian Dörte explains the technical background of chickens in factory farms, Michelle introduces real-life examples of chickens rescued by her. Together, they will show how intelligent, friendly and sensitive chickens are, what living with them looks like and why we have to use our collective power to protect them.

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