Nicole van Gemert

Nicole van Gemert is the director of Bont voor Dieren (fur for animals) in the Netherlands, a world leader regarding scientific research on (environmental) impact of fur farms, and a mayor player for the ban on fur farms in her country. Prior to becoming an animal rights activist, and joining Bont voor Dieren, Nicole was a politician, member of the socialist party. It was then that she had the opportunity to co-produce the antifur bill that led to the law that will end the Dutch fur farming in 2024. Currently she is also a board member of the Dutch Animal Coalition, and of the worldwide Fur Free Alliance.

Except from (import)bans, Nicole is convinced that the solution against the fur industry lies in influencing the demand. Therefore, her campaigns have shifted to the Chinese consumers whose demand for fur is growing astronomically due to the lack of laws to protect animals in that country. After a Chinese website Bont voor Dieren is now working on a documentary on Chinese fur.