Ola Waagen

Ola Waagen is a filmmaker with a strong social commitment, a special interest in political documentaries and the impact of storytelling. Inside Fur (2014) was his breakthrough as director. It has been screened on festivals and television all over the world, and
have won several awards. It was by far the most talked about Norwegian documentary when it was released, and it infused a debate about the ethics of fur farming. A debate that lead to a fur farming ban in Norway.

His newest film, The Secret Lives of Pigs, was screened on Norwegian television earlier this summer, and led to an even bigger media uproar and debate than his previous films. The film deconstructs the Norwegian myth of having the best animal welfare in the world,
by following a young teacher that decides to investigate the pig industry. Working undercover for several years she’s shown a secret reality that is in stark contrast to the public image.

The film had an immediate impact, as just days after the screening the government decided to make prompt changes in the regulations, The Attorney General asked for an investigation into the offenses exposed in the film, several restaurants decided to stop selling pig meat, and grocery stores decided to stop advertising pig meat.

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