Sini Leskinen

Sini Leskinen is a fundraising manager at Oikeutta eläimille (Justice for animals) located in Helsinki, Finland. She has worked e.g. at Greenpeace, Amnesty International and Unicef. She is currently studying business administration in Haaga-Helia University in order to understand her field better. Before she studied photography and visual communication.

As a long term vegan and animal rights advocate she was thrilled to get an offer from Oikeutta eläimille, where she started as a fundraising manager in January 2018.

Her main goals are to optimize the revenue sources, collect and use the customer knowledge in order to create better and longer personalised donor relationships. Communication with the existing and future donors is the key element she has put stress in her fundraising campaigns.

Sini will be talking about ‘How can you take advantage of your existing customer insight when building strategic fundraising campaigns’ by using one of her own campaigns as a case example and about the importance of CRM: ‘Collect the right information in your CRM and use it for animal rights’

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